Vickie Lee


It was love at first try when I went for a Japanese clay craft lesson 12 years ago. My hobbies include cross-stitch, crochet, painting, UV craft and the list goes on. But while these have remained hobbies, I have taken things a step further with Japanese clay craft.

To share my passion for clay crafting with others, I started Craft-It-Yourself a specialty craft shop that specializes in clay making and supplies. Why clay craft? The amazing part in doing clay craft is the creations are unlimited. Basically, you just need a block of clay and it can turn into many beautiful and unimaginable things. Every piece of work is never identical and is a unique piece by itself.

I teach others how to make miniature clay figurines, pastries and flowers which can be used as hair accessories, earrings, wedding favors as well as wedding hand bouquet and again the list goes on.

In 2008, I started my first shop in Liang Court that provides clay craft lessons for both adults and children. Initially, I started with Japanese clay flower craft for adults and once it took off, I introduced miniature creations classes followed by decorative painting. I enjoy teaching others and being able to share with others something that I love doing is a bonus for me.

Despite knowing and doing this craft for more than 10 years, I have never stopped upgrading my skills. I’ve returned from Japan after obtaining 2 certificates concurrently from the DECOCLAY Academy. Currently, I am the only Singaporean that is able to teach level III for Decoclay. This new technique from Japan is easy to learn and the vibrant colors and so-real flowers make one hard to resist.

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