Small Clay Gifts 黏土小禮物


Every year we receive a lot of gifts on different festivals, and sometimes we want to give gifts to our loved ones to show our care and concern. Although the shape and appearance of hand-made gifts are not perfect, the love and emotion contained in them are by no means comparable to ordinary commercial products.

This book categorizes different festivals and teaches everyone to make a variety of timely small gifts for relatives and friends. I hope that everyone can flexibly use the different elements they have learned, and use their imagination to mix and match, so as to mark love and care to the people around them!


本書以不同節慶為分類,教大家做出各種適時的小禮品送給親朋好友。期待大家能夠靈活運用所學到的不同元素,發揮想像力去Mix and Match,從而向身邊人標到愛心和關心!

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