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This course solely focuses on tropical flowers. Experienced clay crafters as well first-timers will definitely enjoy making these tropical flowers. These flowers will be finished in thematic arrangements that will amaze you. This Tropical Flower course is made available to all levels. No prior experience is needed.

Flowers such as Hibiscus, Plumeria, Gardenia, Tiare, different types of Lei, Dendrobium, Tuberose, Torch Ginger, Anthurium, Cattleya, Pikake, Stephanotis, and Pakalana will be taught in this course.


This is an advanced instructor level course which is part of the DECO Flower Courses I & II. This is an extensive study of Tropical Flower Course I.

More advanced techniques of forming leaves, branches, stems and vines will be taught. Colour shading and painting are also introduced to make the completed projects look realistic and natural.

Projects will be in full scale with focus on balance and assembly. Tuberose with stems, Double Hibiscus, Protea Safari, Stephanotis Vines, Vanda, Billy Buttons, Hypericum, mixed flower bouquets, bunches of different types of flowers, Heliconia, Orchids and more will be taught in this course.



In this course you will learn different techniques to express the delicate, natural and realistic form and shape of a variety of plants, leaves and flowers.

Roses in different stages of growth, Cactus and Succulents, small flowers (Mimosa and Lilac), Trumpet Daffodil with Bulb, Margaret, herbs (Mint, Sage, Rosemary) and Berries (Currant Berry and Snow Berry) will be taught in this course.


This course is an extension of skills and techniques learnt in Botanical Course I. Flowers and leaves taught are more challenging to make but very rewarding at the end of the process. The focus will be on capturing and expressing the realistic, natural shapes and forms of the plants, leaves and flowers.

Many varieties of leaves, flowers such as Hellebores, Tweedia, Poppy, Zinnia, Lily of the Valley, Poinsettia, Brunia and Peony will be taught.

At the end of the Course, you will make a beautiful arrangement with all the leaves and flowers you have created.


Play with clay and create beautiful art pieces that are uniquely yours!