Hand crafted flowers

Our Founder

Vickie Lee, is a business woman who is multi-talented and artistically inclined too. She understood the importance of taking breaks to renew and recharge while building her businesses. She initially started this as an outlet to fulfil her passion and to provide other craft lovers like her an avenue to explore new opportunities.

Then in 2013, she collaborated with Deco Clay Academy from Japan to incorporate Deco Claycraft into Craft-It-Yourself. At present, Vickie Lee is Singapore’s most experienced DECO Clay Craft Instructor. She is certified by Deco Clay Craft Academy in Japan to market the vibrant coloured Deco Soft Clay, wide variety of Claycraft tools and materials.

Moving forward, she started on a journey to build a community of talented craft lovers with fingers so nimble that they could transform humble slabs of Japanese clay into gorgeous life-like flowers, figurines, ornaments and such. Together with her team of talented instructors, she conducts regular classes on making life-like flowers, figurines, ornaments and such for all occasions. She also conducts instructor courses which are certified by Deco Clay Craft Academy. This is an expanding community with like-minded people who believe that Claycraft is therapeutic in nature and can rejuvenate both mind and body.

Our Mission

Craft-it-yourself strives to provide an avenue for self-expression, imagination and creativity through craftwork. We aim to provide opportunities for all to acquire new skills and learn various techniques of craftwork in a fun and engaging manner through our various programmes. There is an artist in everyone and Craft-It-Yourself aims to bring out the hidden artist in all.

Our Values

We value top quality products and will ensure that our handmade products as well as materials and tools satisfy your needs.