Peppermint Treats and Sweets Painting Books

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Great tole and decorative painting book for Christmas decorations on wood and fabric like candy stick and cane, candy man, castles and many others. This book was inspired from all that good looking peppermint out there. Contains preparation and step by step instructions.

Project: 1. Fabric Googles
2. Ribbon & Peppermint Candy
3. The Candy Man
4. Candy Cane Overalls
5. Wooden Googles
6. Candy Castle
7. Jumbo Jingle Bells
8. Wrap It Up


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AUTHOR: Sandra Malone


CATEGORY: Tole and Decorative Painting

PUBLICATION: Trafton Printing

BINDING: Soft Cover

WRITTEN: English


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Dimensions 21.5 x 0.2 x 28 cm


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